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Vintage Messenger Bag (LG)

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This large vintage messenger bag is a Manhattan Portage classic. The bag design is simple and allows you to carry lots of gear with ease.

  • Large opening to access main compartment
  • Strong hook and loop closure
  • Interior zippered compartment to separate smaller items
  • Comfortable strap keeps this bag neatly on your shoulder
  • Indestructible metal strap adjuster makes sure that you can adjust the strap for years to come
  • Water-resistant coating
  • Fabric
    1000D CORDURA® Classic fabric
    Limited Lifetime Warranty against manufacturing defects
    Bike Friendly Design
    Water Resistant
    size chart Vintage Messenger Bag size chart Vintage Messenger Bag size chart Vintage Messenger Bag,
    Size Chart
    Bottom 37.46 (top 48.26) | Bottom 14.75 (top 19)
    30.48 cm | 12 in
    19.05 cm | 7.5 in
    1327.5 cubic in | 21.75 L
    0.5 kg | 1 lbs
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    1. 100%


      Perfect bag for everything outperformed all other bags so far
      Had to write a review! These are the best messenger bags available! I have tried all the other brands literally! even the best from San Francisco! I never looked at Manhattan portage as a competitor In this messenger bag game but my vintage messenger (lg) has really outperformed all of the other bags! It’s the most comfortable bag I have tried yet. I can’t feel the load as much cause these bags are so light, no extra stuff to weigh it down including a liner or a bunch of unnecessary pockets. I added one of my wife’s purse organizers and it’s perfect for me. every day abuse and heavy loads have proven this bag to be efficient in the messenger/delivery world, I did order a extra pad for the strap so we will see how much better that feels in the coming weeks
    2. 100%


      This bag is very versatile
    3. 100%


      We love our bags!
    4. 100%


      I couldn't help myself writing a review...
      I bought mine (a Vintage black) back in july 1986 and it is still going fine.
      I use it every day for shopping groceries...
      Incredible capacity. I take it every where (week ends...).
      We have now a very close relationship...
    5. 100%


      Simple and sturdy, especially the strap and buckle.

      Somehow, it's water-resistant and not water-proof; no internal zipper except for the small hidden pocket to store some loose change or a bunch of keys.

      Would have been better if a small carabiner keychain is provided inside the bag and another strips of velcro on the front for better closure when the load is minimal.

      I'm not a messenger and don't ride a bike but I do carry a lot of tools and stuffs for my job as IT Engineers, and here is the list:

      1 x 12" Laptop (in sleeves)
      1 x 10m RJ45 cable
      1 x 1m RJ45 cross-cable
      1 x Network Cable Tester + Crimpers
      1 x Screwdriver Sets (2 pieces)
      1 x 101-key USB keyboard (full size)
      1 x Optical Mouse USB
      1 x Digital Camera (2.5" x 4" x 0.9")
      1 x 5.25" External HDD (with HDD in there)
      1 x 3.5" External HDD (with HDD as well)
      1 x Gloves
      1 x CD-Album (35 discs)
      1 x A4 Sized Plastic File
      1 x Magazine (not for the gun!!!)
      2 x 1.5m 3-pin Power Cords
      1 x Jansport Mobile Phone Holder (on the straps)

      Talk about load, this messenger is a masochist; enjoyed being abuse. OK, I am no sadist but this bag is really cool!
    6. 100%


      Had my bag for close to 8 year. Because of this bag that I bought another
      ManhattanPortage bag.
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