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Waxed Canvas Europa (MD)

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Although not expandable like it’s Cordura cousin (1439), the Original Wax Waxed Canvas Europa bag does feature the same signature rectangular shape and size. This brand new design will help keep all of your necessities organized and dry.

  • 2" wide adjustable nylon webbing shoulder strap
  • Double buckle closure
  • One large zippered pocket on the flap
  • One zippered pocket underneath the flap
  • Main compartment features divider and small zippered pocket ideal for small items to be kept safe
  • Made with Original Wax waxed canvas by Martexin (featuring waterproof treatment)
  • Waterproof Vinyl lining interior
  • Fabric
    Original Wax by Martexin
    1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects
    Bike Friendly Design
    Water Resistant
    size chart Waxed Europa,
    Size Chart
    35.6 cm | 14 in
    26.7 cm | 10.5 in
    10.2 cm | 4 in
    588 cubic in | 9.6 L
    0.72 kg | 1.6 lbs
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    1. 100%



      I was perusing the website and thought I'd take a look and see if they still have this bag-low and behold they do...

      This may be a little out of left field but I felt I need to give credit where credit is due....

      I have owned this messenger bag for atleast 8-10 YEARS now! (I can't believe it's been that long/my 20's were a blur)
      -used it through college and I STILL use this bag EVERYDAY for work. It has done everything needed and it holds a good amount of stuff. After about the 6th year I finally re-waxed the bag, and this has brought this item back to life again and looks just like the day I got this item in the mail. BEST MESSENGER BAG EVER!
      If you are looking for quality and longevity this is the bag for you!

      Thank you Manhattan Portage for making a wonderful product.
    2. 80%



      This is a great bag with just the right amount of bells and whistles, and it's totally the RIGHT SIZE!
    3. 100%



      This was my first ever MP bag and I have to say the quality blew my mind.
      Waxed canvas just brushes off water like magic. The inside is lined with vinyl so your stuff keeps dry. Just keep in mind there's no zipper closing off the main compartment, so I wouldn't call this bag 100% waterproof.

      All in all, this is a great little bag. Plenty of space to take necessities without weighing you down.
      Looks killer, too. And I personally love the texture of waxed canvas. Really cool and smooth to the touch.

      Highly recommended.
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