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Manhattan Portage has been designing and producing hand made bags since 1983 and over the years gained a reputation for outstanding quality and detailed craftsmanship. So what makes our bags so special? It all comes down to three basic things that must be done well: the design of the bag, the choice of components, and the overall construction & finishing of the bag during production.

Out of these 3 tenets stems our manufacturing philosophy: to carefully design each new bag, to personally select and inspect all materials, and finally to ensure we get the construction and quality control right. So how do we achieve that you may ask?

First and foremost Manhattan Portage spent its early days designing bags to answer that question: how could we meet the practical needs of New Yorkers when what was mostly available in the 70's were outdoor backpacks, handbags and leather briefcases? The answer came from the streets. By deciding to turn the popular outdoor gear of the days into urban gear that answered the needs of city people, the Manhattan Portage line of messenger bags and DJ bags was born.

What was originally designed for bike messengers in NYC and DJ's in the East Village became mainstream, and these authentic designs from MP have now become classics in the bag industry.

Second, Manhattan Portage uses the best components and the latest in hardware, such as 1000 Denier Cordura Nylon, the highest grade of nylon currently available in the market today (originally developed for the US military, the yarns used in our Cordura are still made in the USA by Invista) and YKK custom zippers, the gold standard for zippers in the bag and clothing industry. The same dedication to quality goes for other components used in Manhattan Portage bags such as the buckles, inside lining, outer binding, webbing straps, key rings, etc. All these components cost more than a standard grade, but as the saying goes, you ultimately get what you pay for.

Third, while getting the bag design right and picking the right components goes a long way, it is still not enough. So how do we get the production part right at MP? Detailed craftsmanship (e.g. all stress areas of a Manhattan Portage bag are triple stitched for durability) and numerous quality controls during all stages of production allow us to detect and correct most issues when they happen, long before our bags ship out and hit retailer's shelves.

Despite all these steps you may ask, what if something still goes wrong with the bag I just bought? Visit our Q&A page for more details about your Warranty Protection.

Last but not least, New York is a city of many different ethnicities and cultures. As you can imagine our company has a multi-cultural staff and we are proud to be a representation of the melting pot that is New York City. We value any comments or feedback you may have, so please don't hesitate to drop us a line at: customerservice@manhattanportage.com.

Manufacturing Click here to see all our fabric types

While several bag components we use are still made in the USA (Original Wax, Cordura yarns from Invista and A Grade Leather for our newly launched Token line at: www.tokenbags.com), most of our production facilities are now located in Taiwan.

We visit our Taiwanese factories on a regular basis to ensure superior quality, detailed craftsmanship and ethical working conditions. Like our hard working staff in New York, our factories in Taiwan employ teams of hardworking and experienced craftspeople who earn better living wages than other factories located in Southeast Asia.

We still design our entire line of bags in New York City, and regardless of where MP bags are manufactured we are committed to maintaining the quality and integrity of our products. Equally important is our pledge to provide consumers with the best possible quality and value at reasonable prices, which is unfortunately no longer possible if the bags were still to be made in the USA.

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