Collaboration Archive

Manhattan Portage X Little Secret

little secret X manhattanportage

The classic black & white style of Little Secret combined with Manhattan Portage's famous little red label has given this collaboration a refreshing concept: "Just In Case: I Never Step Plain."

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X Milk

milk X manhattanportage

Hong Kong publication MILK Magazine celebrates its 9th anniversary with this special messenger bag, produced by bag specialists Manhattan Portage. The Cordura-constructed bag follows a mostly black colorway, with stud embellishments adding just enough funk.

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X Silas

xgirl X manhattanportage

For the second Silas collaboration, the work of the popular London-based artist Marcus James gets prominent placement on the bag flap while a large "Silas" logo is placed on the bottom of our black popular messenger bag.

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X X-Girl Stages

xgirl X manhattanportage

In this first collaboration with the hot woman's streetwear brand X-Girl, this smaller-size messenger bag makes a big impact with a fun colorful leopard print on the bag flap a prominent X-Girl logo on the back. Kids of all ages love this loud quirky bag.

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X Stage

stage X manhattanportage

New comer to the international streetwear scene, STAGE has set out to create a multi-cultural brand that encompasses many different styles. Not limited by a single trend, Manhattan Portage collaborated with them in 2010 on a limited run of their classic Vintage Messenger bags, which featured a diamond text print.

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X Frapbois

frapbois X manhattanportage

Teaming up with the fun, feminine Japanese brand Frapbois, these messenger's feature a super cute dot design on the flap with a prominent Frapbois logo on the bag bottom.

Released in 2010.

Manhattan Portage X Harris Tweed

Harris Tweed X manhattanportage

Known worldwide for beautiful and durable fabrics of exceptional quality, handmade in Northwest Scotland, this Harris Tweed collaboration yields a very handsome series of messengers and hip bags complete with the permit mark of the British Royal Family.

Released in 2010.