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Manhattan Bag

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Date Added: Saturday 28 January, 2006

by Rebecca Weinstein

My whole family has been using Mahanttan Portage bags since they still had the leather "John Peters" label (which by the way is our only complaint, we all liked the leather label better). We are a Wallstreeter family, although to us it's just "the bag," it was 10 years before we knew there were other kinds. I just got another style, first in the family. I hate carrying a purse and the Wallstreeter is too big for just around town so I'm trying the Manhattan Bag. So far so good. I wish it had a small zipper pocket in the inside. But I'm nitpicking. What I do like about this bag, and what I was first hestitant about, is how tall it is. I was looking for a purse substitute and it's not really shaped like a purse, but, it's the right height for file folders, so I can use it for work when I don't have much to carry. I'm thinking about testing out the small DJ bag, that seems purse like. As for color, is there any other color than black? Maybe in another 10 years we'll try grey. Keep up the good work, if it wasn't for Manhattan Portage bags my whole family would be carrying around a lot of loose junk. There is no substitute.

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