Europa (SM)

Europa (SM)

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Date Added: Tuesday 09 August, 2011

by Ev Meza

I bought this in early 2008 and it is still holding up well. I use it mostly for school but also weekend and day trips, skating, hiking. Does it all! Currently holding three textbooks, a 2-subject notebook, & 2 magazines in the main compartment. My day planner & Ipod in the back compartment. Some change & condoms in the zippered dividing pocket. Bunch of pens, highlighters, & wallet in zippered front pouch. Gum, shades, deoderant, flash drives, & trail mix in zippered flap pocket. And a newspaper, disposable camera, folding knife, & mini flashlight in the open back pocket. Sometimes I can squeeze in an extra t-shirt and/or waterbottle. It looks like a lot cause it is a lot. Very versitile & practical bag, couldnt even imagine the larger ones! Gets heavy after a while, gotta switch shoulders. I also should see a dentist soon...

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