Limited Collections

A Manhattan Portage collection as wild as you are, the Wildcat collection features animal print revamped MP classics.Available in a matte cotton, straight out of the jungle and onto your shoulder, unleash your inner feline.

CORDURA® Lite fabrics provide light weight durable performance for a variety of end uses, including technical packs, day packs, luggage, and footwear. CORDURA® Lite fabrics offer enhanced tear and abrasion resistance with a wide variety of styling options.

The canvas fabric we sourced for this limited edition collection is heavy-duty 16 oz, which is twice as thick as waxed canvas fabric used by outdoor enthusiasts. Besides that we applied a stone wash finish treatment on the fabric that gives the bag a beautiful vintage look.

Our quilted Cordura fabric collection adds a high-end and premium feel fto our indestructible 100D CORDURA® Classic fabric that has been used in our core range since 1983. The Quilted print effect is obtained by a brand new customization technique on our Cordura fabric and gives it quite a fashion-forward, unique look!

The speakling fabric found for this seasonal collection is originally used for making upper women shoes, which means not only standing out as one-of-a-kind evening bag but very durable as well.

Our windbreaker collection is made out of Nylon Twill: This windproof, soft, and lightweight fabric comes in 5 brilliant colors. Twills recover from wrinkles better than plain-weave fabrics and this fabric is also air and water-resistant. Limited quantities available world-wide.