Tonight @ Prospect Park

Prospect Park Boogie Night

Come one, come all, tonight at 9 PM Summer Slam Boogie Nights kicks off tonight @ Grand Army Plaza Prospect Park Brooklyn!!!

This will be a series of 5 weeks of races, every Wednesday night.  Riders will be racing for a chance to win some Manhattan Portage messenger bags, among other gear.

Clio Awards

Clio Awards

The 49th annual Clio Awards are coming up next week.  In case you didn’t know, the Clio Awards are the world’s most recognized global awards competition for advertising, design, and interactive.  We did do some premium give away bags for them last year, and this year we are back as a full sponsor.

I’m looking forward to some Gala Photos, and everyone here is very jealous  they  all get to spend a week in Miami while the weather here is rainy.

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