Manhattan Portage and Token Window Displays

Hello Everyone,

Well, it’s officially fall and Halloween is just around the corner so we changed our window displays for the Manhattan Portage/ Token flagship store in New York City and we had to share them with you, hope you like them!

Also, don’t forget to visit us at the store located at 258 Elizabeth Street, New York, NY 10012. Hope to see you soon!




Jan in Nolita, New York City

Get the look here: Reflective DJ Bag

In It To Pin It!

Hello Everyone! We recently joined the latest social media craze, Pinterest and wanted to tell all of our fans to follow us on Pinterest and we will, of course follow you back. So far we really like pinterest and are excited to pin more and too see all of your awesome pins as well.

Here are some of our pins and “re-pins” so far:

Come look at all of our pins on: Our Pinterest Account!

Whats your favorite pin of all time?