Black Friday Sale!

Wake up from your turkey coma on Friday, November 27 to find 30% savings on MP products on . Stock up on holiday gifts for your family, your friends, or even yourself (we don’t judge). Enter code BKF27 at checkout.

Still hungry for more? Shop Saturday, November 28 and save 25% on MP products. Enter code BKF28 at checkout.

Tired from a weekend of shopping? Wishing you bought that MP bag after all? Not to worry! You can still enjoy savings of 20% off MP products Sunday, November 2. Enter code BKF29 at checkout.

Just like Thanksgiving and Christmas, a Manhattan Portage sale this good only comes but once a year. Be sure to mark your calendars and get ready to save!

Discounts apply only to all Manhattan Portage products on Discounts do not apply to bags purchased at our Manhattan Portage/Token flagship store. Coupon codes valid from midnight to 11:59pm EST on the dates specified.

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