MP Bag + MP Insert = MP Camera Bag

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You already have an MP bag. You already have a camera. But you don’t want to spend money on a whole new camera bag. The money saving solution? The brand new MP Camera Insert!

Designed to fit into many existing MP models, the Camera Insert (1040) transforms your bag into a camera carry-all. Made of hardboard sandwiched between a 1000D Cordura® exterior and softly padded interior, the Camera Insert keeps your best gear protected. It also comes with 5 Velcro® dividers that can be removed or placed anywhere inside so you can use the same insert for any changing variety of gear.

The Camera Insert (1040) fits small DJ Bags (1427) and larger, and medium Vintage Messenger Bags (1605V) and larger.

See a full listing of MP bags compatible with the insert after the jump.

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