Back to Work After Hurricane Sandy

It’s our first day back in the office after Hurricane Sandy!

All orders placed between 10/26 and 11/4 will be fulfilled during this time. There will be a bit of backlog so please be patient.

Also our flagship store has been reopened since Saturday, so come stop by at 258 Elizabeth St. New York, NY 10012.


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Halloween Candy!

We brought candy all the way from China for our flagship store for all of our Halloween lovers.

What are you going to be this year for Halloween?

Happy New York Tough Tuesday!

“Halloween is coming.. It’s tough for a cat like me to be a rooster.. but I am New York Tough!”

Fan Photo Alert!

Hey guys! We are really pumped because some of you are starting to send us some pretty cool photos of your MP bags, and we just can’t get enough! Here are some that we have received so far:

From Carlos E. Martinez Dabishire’s Fishing Trip

From Paola Musso- Mp bags that match her apartment!

From Timothy Ting Lok Ng- Supporting us from Hong Kong

From @ChawyAaron from Twitter- a character filled bag indeed!


Thanks so much everyone for sharing your photos with us. Keep em coming everyone, and we will be sure to share them with everyone!



We love You New York City!

Today we wanted to share our love of New York City with all of you with some fun photos to go along with it.

We can’t get enough of this city, and are thinking you probably feel the same way. Yellow cabs, high rises, cobble stone streets,the Brooklyn Bridge, unlimited food options, street performers,Time Square, the best shopping ever, people from all over the world, Central Park.. well, the list goes on. Enjoy!

Where is your favorite place in New York City?






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Rooftop Bars In New York City

Who doesn’t like a roof top bar? In addition, who doesn’t love a rooftop bar with a view of the New York City skyline? We found a great list of some of the most buzzed about roof top bars in the city and had to share them with you. From fancy schmancy hotel toppers to hipster-chill sky decks, New York has it all.

If you live in the city you should try to check some of these hot spots out! If you are coming to visit, make sure to add at least one of these roof top bars to your vacation bucket list.

What’s your favorite roof top bar in New York City?

*Click photo above to see the whole list, or click on “roof top bars” link in first paragraph.





MP Featured On “Suits”

We are so excited our NY Minute Messenger bag was featured on the hit TV show “Suits” we had to share it with you!

Check out the photos below! (From Season 2, Episode 2)

Get the look here: NY Minute Messenger Bag!




Featured Retailer: Raygun

We are happy to announce our latest featured retailer, Raygun. Coming to you from 2 different locations: One in Des Moines, Iowa and another in Iowa City. Raygun offers witty and fun t-shirts, books, drink-ware, notebooks, postcards, stickers, wallets, and some of our coolest MP bags!


Raygun was created and opened by Mike Draper in 2005. Mike graduated from Penn in Philadelphia and after college began traveling around the east coast selling shirts at some of the best locations he could find. Some of the locations included: Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. Mike would sell his shirts with a passion and hit some of the major parks and hot spots in New York City such as Time Square, Washington Square Park and Union Square.

While Mike was traveling throughout the east coast he started making sketches from a dream he had- to create his own space that could be a design studio, print space and clothing store. Later that year Mike moved to Des Moines and his dream became a reality  as his sketches came to life with Raygun.

Since opening in 2005 Raygun has grown a lot, spawning a custom screen printing and design company called 8/7 CENTRAL and opened a second Raygun location in Iowa City.

Check out some photos of Rayguns store and fun products below:


If you don’t live in Iowa..or cant make a trip there to see the actual store, check them out online at

It may be worth your time since they are “The Greatest Store in the Universe.”


Manhattan Portage





101 Things To Do in The Summer in NYC

Rumor has it that most New Yorkers escape the city in the summer because of the heat, but if you are a person who doesn’t mind warm temperatures you might want to stick around this summer because there is a lot going on!

Check out this article brought to you by Time Out New York with a list of 101 fun things to do and see this summer in NYC!


One of our favorite things to do in NYC in the summer is to relax, explore, play volleyball, bike, skateboard, or picnic- all in Central Park. What’s your favorite summer activity in New York City?

Cheers to summer!



Manhattan After Midnight

Are you a night owl? Do you love to stand out from the crowd? If so, we have the perfect collection of bags for you. Meet our new Midnight collection!

Take a look at our Midnight bags below,

These bags shine with their textured-filled exterior, and interlaced beautiful glitter threaded accents. This collection is sure to make you stand out, before or after midnight.

Which one’s your favorite?