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Hello Everyone! We recently joined the latest social media craze, Pinterest and wanted to tell all of our fans to follow us on Pinterest and we will, of course follow you back. So far we really like pinterest and are excited to pin more and too see all of your awesome pins as well.

Here are some of our pins and “re-pins” so far:

Come look at all of our pins on: Our Pinterest Account!

Whats your favorite pin of all time?



BREAD & BUTTER Tradeshow

Half of our team just got back from yet another exciting trade show. This one was in Berlin and was called BREAD & BUTTER. Have you heard of it?

Here is a little background info: With approximately 600 exhibitors from the sectors street fashion, casual wear, sportswear, dress up styles, and bag products- BREAD & BUTTER brings you the contemporary segment of Street and Urban-wear.

BREAD & BUTTER has been going strong for 10 years and even though half of us are still jet lagged.. in the end it was all worth it! Check out some photos from the trade show below!

MP Bags Ready to Bike!

One of our Signs outside

Some of the BREAD & BUTTER Crew with our MP bags!

.. and more of the crew with our bags!

Keepin it real with New York Tough!

We hope you like our photos from the Trade show. Which one’s your favorite?


Featured Retailer: Raygun

We are happy to announce our latest featured retailer, Raygun. Coming to you from 2 different locations: One in Des Moines, Iowa and another in Iowa City. Raygun offers witty and fun t-shirts, books, drink-ware, notebooks, postcards, stickers, wallets, and some of our coolest MP bags!


Raygun was created and opened by Mike Draper in 2005. Mike graduated from Penn in Philadelphia and after college began traveling around the east coast selling shirts at some of the best locations he could find. Some of the locations included: Philadelphia, Boston, and New York City. Mike would sell his shirts with a passion and hit some of the major parks and hot spots in New York City such as Time Square, Washington Square Park and Union Square.

While Mike was traveling throughout the east coast he started making sketches from a dream he had- to create his own space that could be a design studio, print space and clothing store. Later that year Mike moved to Des Moines and his dream became a reality  as his sketches came to life with Raygun.

Since opening in 2005 Raygun has grown a lot, spawning a custom screen printing and design company called 8/7 CENTRAL and opened a second Raygun location in Iowa City.

Check out some photos of Rayguns store and fun products below:


If you don’t live in Iowa..or cant make a trip there to see the actual store, check them out online at

It may be worth your time since they are “The Greatest Store in the Universe.”


Manhattan Portage





The Retro Runner

If you love to run and you live in a city like New York, you’ve probably already realized its very difficult to bring your belongings with you, which can be extremely annoying. Worry no more, because we have the perfect bag for runners to carry on them for a run or jog.

We brought the fanny pack style back and made the “Retro Pack”. Now while you are on your run you can carry your Ipod, phone, keys and any other personal belongings  you need while looking hip at the same time. The Retro Pack can be used for a waist bag (fanny pack) or cross body bag. Making it the perfect bag to bring with you on your run.

The Retro Pack comes in 9 different colors, so there is a bag for every type of runner. Check out the Retro Back HERE!

By the way, if you do live in New York City and are looking for a new place to go running, check out the best running routes, trails and paths in the city HERE!

Have an awesome run!


NYC Bike Paths

One of the many things we love about NYC is the fact that you can bike almost anywhere. For some, biking in NYC may seem a bit scary with the crazy traffic but there are actually a lot of areas where you can bike in your own bike lane or dedicated path. Whether you bike to work, the grocery store, or escape to a park for mountain biking- NYC has it all.

We found a great NYC biking planner and had to share it with our Manhattan Portage fans, so check it out here: Ride The City This site uses the official NYC DOT bike map to plan the safest bike routes.

Fun Fact: New York developed the country’s first bike path in 1894!

Where is your favorite place to bike in NYC?


Farmers Markets in NYC

Do you love Farmer’s Markets as much as we do? There are so many Farmer’s Markets in NYC that its hard to pick just one as a favorite. We found a really helpful site that tells  you all you need to know about the markets in NYC. Check out which ones are open now here,

Farmer’s markets not only bring the freshest produce to city folks, they also have fresh meats, baked goods, and herbs and spices.

Don’t forget to bring your Manhattan Portage bag to carry your farm fresh goods home in! Here is our favorite Tote to bring to the Farmer’s Markets:

The Windbreaker Tote Bag

Inspired by the outdoors, the new Manhattan Portage Windbreaker collection is a revamp of a classic. An urban spin on the classic tote bag, this lightweight Windbreaker tote is designed to carry around everything you need in style rain or shine.

What’s your favorite farmers market?

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Online and In Store: Our Once a Year Sale!




MP iPad® Cases are here!



The Manhattan Portage iPad Case is now available for purchase on! Available in three eye-catching colors of waterproof Tarpaulin Vinyl (1030-VL) and four colors of Waterproof 420D Nylon (1030-NW), this little case fits your iPad like a glove and protects it no matter what the weather brings. The softly padded neoprene interior ensures that your iPad stays as pristine as the day you bought it.

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Flavor Flav stops by MP booth @ S.L.A.T.E.!

(More info to come when our excited staff returns from Vegas!)



G-Shock X Manhattan Portage

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