Farmers Markets in NYC

Do you love Farmer’s Markets as much as we do? There are so many Farmer’s Markets in NYC that its hard to pick just one as a favorite. We found a really helpful site that tellsĀ  you all you need to know about the markets in NYC. Check out which ones are open now here,

Farmer’s markets not only bring the freshest produce to city folks, they also have fresh meats, baked goods, and herbs and spices.

Don’t forget to bring your Manhattan Portage bag to carry your farm fresh goods home in! Here is our favorite Tote to bring to the Farmer’s Markets:

The Windbreaker Tote Bag

Inspired by the outdoors, the new Manhattan Portage Windbreaker collection is a revamp of a classic. An urban spin on the classic tote bag, this lightweight Windbreaker tote is designed to carry around everything you need in style rain or shine.

What’s your favorite farmers market?

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