A Dedicated Fan.

We recently spoke with a very loyal fan named Dean and had to share his story with all of you. Dean has had his MP bags for a little over 15 years and is still using them every day. Here is a photo of his old but tough friends:

When we spoke with Dean about his loyalty to our brand, here is what he had to say.

“When I first started bike messaging I started out with a bag loaned to me from an ex bike messenger friend at the time. He told me to get a bag when I got paid and said to stop by this one shop on south Wabash (Chicago) and pick up a Manhattan portage bag. He was pretty specific and said the bag I was using had been “through hell” and he had it for a long time (Apparently a Manhattan Portage bag…).

A few weeks went by and I stopped by the shop he mentioned. I asked the store worker if he had Manhattan Portage bags and he pointed over to various bags hanging from the ceiling. The conversation was rather brief since he was working on a bike and looked to be the only one there. He finished our conversation with “These wont fail you, I won’t carry any other brand,”and went back to working on a bike.

15 years have passed. I’ve graduated to motorcycles and have traveled around the United States with these bags. They have held up to rain, snow and extreme weather. I’ve used them to carry laundry, groceries, small pets, engine parts; used them as makeshift pillows. I actually gave one of the bags as a gift to one of my nieces, she’s still a bit small for the bag but she will grow into it.

I have looked at other companies bags in the past, but the combination of kick ass customer support and the overall construction of the bags keep me with Manhattan Portage.”

Here are some photos of Dean’s bags:

Dean takes his MP bag on all of his motorcycle trips!

From books to snacks Dean carries everything he needs in his MP bag.

Thank you so much, Dean for sharing your story with us. We appreciate customers like you more than you know.



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