Loreak Mendian Collaboration

We are happy to introduce you to our latest collaboration with Loreak Mendian. A unique blend of elegant and practical design, this collaborative bag reflects the Spanish brand’s influences in music, art and architecture and was designed with the various cultural tastes of urbanites in mind.

We are very excited about this cultural exchange with a strong local brand originating from the Basque county in the north of Spain and feel the customized bag turned out wonderfully. Take a look here:

This limited edition collaboration only has 500 pieces available world-wide, and brings together Loreak Mendian’s creative design with Manhattan Portage’s urban roots and durability. The iconic New York brand customized one of their signature DJ Bag models for inclusion in Loreak Mendian’s latest FW 12 collection.

Customized by Loreak Mendian’s founder’s and designers Xabi and Victor, the DJ shoulder bag comes with a custom-printed front wool pocket and a contrasting Vichy check fabric underneath the front flap. The man riding the horse on the printed wool fabric is a thousand year old figure of the Basque culture that appears on tombstones, vessels and many other cases.

The bag body is made out of 1000D CORDURA® Classic nylon fabric, has a soft adjustable nylon shoulder strap and features an open divider pocket and zippered compartment behind the flap. The main interior compartment is large enough for total utility loading. The Manhattan Portage DJ bag was originally designed nearly 30 years ago to fit approximately 20 vinyl 12” DJ records for the special needs of DJ’s and musicians in the East Village.

This Loreak Mendian x Manhattan Portage DJ bag will officially launch and sell at the Manhattan Portage New York flagship store located at 258 Elizabeth St and Loreak Mendian flagship stores on Monday September 10th. To order this collaboration online, please visit LoreakMendian.com and ManhattanPortage.com beginning September 11th.

Check out the bag in action below:


Photos by: Guille A. Pando

About Loreak Mendian

It all started in 1995, when Victor Serna and Xabi Zirikiain opened a shop in San Sebastian’s port area. Xabi, an industrial engineer who at the time earned a living designing airplane wings, had already gained some notoriety in town as the creator of a daisy shaped logo. Together with Victor, and with more enthusiasm than experience, they embarked on the adventure of creating a clothing brand.

The brand’s influences are many and very diverse: architecture (European Modernism, International Style)art (Marcel Duchamp, Surrealism, Dada, Abstract Expressionism), music (Judee Sill, Love, Miles Davis, Beatles, Bad Brains), surf, and last but not least life itself! Loreak Mendian rejects categories and forced-upon trends – “We simply project all our creativity and attitude towards life in quality clothes that transmit a message to people.”

We hope you love this one of a kind bag as much as we do!







Manhattan Portage Custom Strand Bookstore Bags

Did you know you can pick custom Manhattan Portage Strand bookstore bags?  Two NYC icons in one product (both with world recognizable red logos).

Three different custom styles available here.

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G-Shock X Manhattan Portage

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Manhattan Portage X Mt. Rainier Design Works 60/40

Mt. Rainier Design Works

Mt. Rainier Design Works



Named after the Famous Mt. Rainier Volcano in Washington State, MP has teamed with Mt. Rainier Design Works on a series of bags exclusively made for the Japanese market.Mt. Rainer Design works is a new brand, that does manufacture their quality fabric in the USA.


These bags are made using special 60/40 cotton/nylon blend fabric which features the strengths and qualities of both materials.  This special fabric does breath like cotton, but is stretchable like nylon.  Not only that, but when exposed to moisture, the cotton threads expand to seal the space in between the nylon weave, providing a degree of natural wind and water resistance.

This 60/40 also has a unique reflective appearance and a smooth yet elastic texture.  The dye gradually fades with use, providing a vintage look and unique identity for each and every bag.


Our Big Apple Backpack (1210), Vintage Messenger Small (1605-v), and Vintage Messenger Large (1607-v) were made in Black, Orange, and Green fabric. They are available in Japan at Ripe.