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    March 4th, 2013


    Last weekend, Manhattan Portage CEO and owner Su Hwei Lin gave a speech for a workshop on succeeding as a small business sponsored by the Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Association (ITASA), which is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the cultural bonds between the Taiwanese-American community and Taiwan.

    The speech was overall inspirational as it touched on important themes such as: having business-sense and flexibility, social responsibilities in running a small business, cultural understanding, and family and friends.

    Su Hwei stresses on how it is easy to get lost in dealing with numbers and countless other details, but to truly have a successful business, one must have a commitment to customers and a vision for where the company will go. The reason why Manhattan Portage has been so successful is because of an unyielding commitment to quality. A few years back, a customer came back wanted to get his bag fixed because the threads were coming out. We realized that he bought the bag 30 years ago, and were amazed at the stellar quality it was still in. It looked as if he just bought it! The 30 year-old bag from this brand in regular use are still going strong!

    The theme of cultural understanding in her speech is the heart of Manhattan Portage. To thrive as a small company within a global marketplace, dedication among the crew is critical. Ensuring that the company’s staff develops an appreciation for the cultural differences between them requires constant attention.

    Life is full of challenges so having strong family ties and a vast network of friends is also very important. We need to learn how to be compassionate towards others and have an appreciation of their views will insure that our support network is strong. Think of it like this: your grandmother may not know how to use a computer, but she may be able to give you an idea of how to cope with the changes computers have formed in society. This will help us to overcome any obstacles we meet later on. Su Hwei’s speech is a great reminder for us to be persistent in pursuing our dreams and never to give up.

    Manhattan Portage is extremely proud of its multi-cultural heritage, and so a huge high-five to all the office and retail staff who have made it possible to bring you products, like our Messenger Bag for 30 years now!

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    Manhattan Portage and Apliiq.com Launch Novel Bag Customization

    December 7th, 2012

    Manhattan Portage and Apliiq.com Launch Novel Bag Customization
    Fabric Appliqué Messenger Bags Custom Designed by You

    Manhattan Portage and Apliiq.com have joined forces to offer a new, unique way to customize messenger bags. Through Apliiq’s innovative, online, fabric customization platform, the iconic Manhattan Portage shoulder bag has a fresh look, custom designed by you.

    Fashion-forward urban style collectors now have the chance to pick from hundreds of rare, dead stock, vintage, and classic textiles to add to their bags. Choose a bag style, a color, a fabric, and the patches to adorn it and voila! A one-of-a-kind Manhattan Portage bag is being made just for you and customized within a week in downtown Los Angeles.

    Apliiq.com makes it simple to create an inspired look without screen-printing, logos or words. Enriching these classic bags with small pieces of patterned fabrics highlights the uniqueness of each textile while creating a subtle and tasteful design – complimenting Manhattan Portage’s distinct, bold aesthetic.

    Manhattan Portage bags are not just beautiful – they’re practical and durable too. The DJ bag was originally designed nearly 30 years ago to fit about 20 vinyl records. And the Europa bag can
    double in size with a single zip. Both bags are made of 1000D CORDURA® Classic nylon
    fabric and have a soft adjustable nylon shoulder strap. With Apliiq’s revolutionary
    customization platform, MP bags now have even more to offer.

    With over 500 fabrics available for customization and many appliqué patches to choose from, the Apliiq.com x Manhattan Portage collaboration is as diverse as New York City’s eclectic melting pot. Express your individuality on a bag for yourself or create a personalized holiday gift for someone you love.

    Shop the limited edition and customizable DJ and Europa messenger bags exclusively
    online through MANHATTANPORTAGE.com and APLIIQ.com.

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    A Young Fan NoLiTa, NYC

    November 15th, 2012

    Check out the latest (adorable) fan of the Manhattan Portage Studio 54 Collection!







    Get the look here: Studio 54 DJ Bag (XSM)

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    MP Welcomes Our Newest Retailer in Milan – Ultrabox

    May 1st, 2012

    We are very happy to introduce you the newest retail store of Manhattan Portage bags in Italy: ULTRABOX MILANO.

    A spinoff of ULTRACICILI – BICICLETTE MODERNE PENSATE A MANO (Tailored Modern Bicycles), the opening of a flagship store in Milan named ULTRACICLI has been the natural evolution with the purpose of becoming a point of reference for the urban cycling lifestyle.

    Manhattan Portage is their latest addition and now offers a unique selection of authentic messenger bags dedicated to cycling enthusiasts.



    T. +39 02 94395855info@ultracicli.comwww.ultracicli.com

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    This might not be the Manhattan Skyline you are used to

    April 6th, 2012

    Alternate NYC SkylineSpring is well, springing in NY.  View of the Manhattan Skyline from the 7 train in Queens.  While this isn’t the same one featured on Manhattan Portage bags (that is a midtown view from Jersey), that doesn’t make it any less impressive!

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    Pillow Fight NYC-2012 Bunny Edition

    April 5th, 2012

    Free time this Saturday?  How about a pillow fight? 

    Bunny edition! Pillows fly and bunnies ears soar as you converge for a giant urban pillow fight! Swing and whack as you evade pillow-wielding assailants wearing bunny ears and toting chocolate eggs. Bring a soft pillow and wait for the signal. Pillow fight! This event takes place on the first Saturday of every April in over 100 cities

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    Manhattan Portage Custom Strand Bookstore Bags

    April 4th, 2012

    Did you know you can pick custom Manhattan Portage Strand bookstore bags?  Two NYC icons in one product (both with world recognizable red logos).

    Three different custom styles available here.

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    New Manhattan Portage Skyline Apple Laptop Sleeves

    April 3rd, 2012

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    Happy Holidays!

    December 23rd, 2011

    Happy Holidays From Manhattan Portage and Token Bags

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    Manhattan Portage and Token Bags @ (capsule) NY!

    December 23rd, 2011

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