Manhattan Portage and Launch Novel Bag Customization

Manhattan Portage and Launch Novel Bag Customization
Fabric Appliqué Messenger Bags Custom Designed by You

Manhattan Portage and have joined forces to offer a new, unique way to customize messenger bags. Through Apliiq’s innovative, online, fabric customization platform, the iconic Manhattan Portage shoulder bag has a fresh look, custom designed by you.

Fashion-forward urban style collectors now have the chance to pick from hundreds of rare, dead stock, vintage, and classic textiles to add to their bags. Choose a bag style, a color, a fabric, and the patches to adorn it and voila! A one-of-a-kind Manhattan Portage bag is being made just for you and customized within a week in downtown Los Angeles. makes it simple to create an inspired look without screen-printing, logos or words. Enriching these classic bags with small pieces of patterned fabrics highlights the uniqueness of each textile while creating a subtle and tasteful design – complimenting Manhattan Portage’s distinct, bold aesthetic.

Manhattan Portage bags are not just beautiful – they’re practical and durable too. The DJ bag was originally designed nearly 30 years ago to fit about 20 vinyl records. And the Europa bag can
double in size with a single zip. Both bags are made of 1000D CORDURA® Classic nylon
fabric and have a soft adjustable nylon shoulder strap. With Apliiq’s revolutionary
customization platform, MP bags now have even more to offer.

With over 500 fabrics available for customization and many appliqué patches to choose from, the x Manhattan Portage collaboration is as diverse as New York City’s eclectic melting pot. Express your individuality on a bag for yourself or create a personalized holiday gift for someone you love.

Shop the limited edition and customizable DJ and Europa messenger bags exclusively
online through and

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