30 Year Old Bag

It was a typical day in the office and we received a call about a bag repair. The customer said their bag had a hole in it and was wondering if we could fix it for them. We asked them to send us a picture of their bag so we could better assist them. When we saw the photo we were in shock- this bag had the original green logo, which means this bag is 30  years old!

The owner of this bag, Dennis received the bag as a gift from his mother in law. He uses the bag on a daily basis to carry everything from the usual personal items, books, tools, maps, etc. He has never even come close to losing the bag as he keeps it close to him at all times. It has traveled with him all during his working life, outdoors and in, in all kinds of weather, by car, plane, train, boat and subway.

Needless to say, it has been practically indestructible. We were so happy to see that the bag nearly looks brand new. Dennis also told us we stitched a seam for him about ten years ago as well. He also mentioned he has never used another backpack since he received his MP bag. He even kept the original hang tags!

Take a look at this 30 year old bag below:

We are very happy this backpack has served  Dennis for 30 years and is still kickin!

Also, thanks for sharing your story with us, Dennis.



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