The Children’s Aid Society

Last week we had an opportunity to meet some amazing people. We took a trip to east Harlem to the Vitomarcantonio Community School to donate some of our backpacks. As you walk into this school you feel welcomed right away with the smiling faces of the staff and the bright paintings on the walls painted by the students and their families it’s hard not to smile.

We sat and listened to the parent teacher’s conference with the school rules and regulations and then the kids and parents were dismissed to go and meet their teachers. The kids were then made aware that they had some Manhattan Portage bags waiting for them. The looks on their faces were priceless. These kids appreciated these bags so much and looked extremely adorable wearing them as well. See for your self below:

We then were given a tour of the school… or shall we say, community? The staff truly does an amazing job at making this space feel like home to their students. The cafeteria has round tables so the kids can all see each other while they are eating and no one will feel left out, there is a lounge room with comfortable chairs and food for everyone to share, there is even a doctor and dentist office for the kids as well.

The staff and volunteers really are wonferful people doing great things everyday. To meet such inspiring people was so refreshing and inspiring to all of us here at Manhattan Portage.

We hope this story has inspired you. Little by little we can all help each other to make the world a happier place.


Manhattan Portage



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