Show Luo Rocks Manhattan Portage in Hong Kong!

Have you ever heard of Show Luo? Well.. he is kind of a big deal in Asia! Show is known as “The Asian Dance King” by¬†Taiwanese media and a down to earth goofball by everyone who personally knows him.

Show started playing drums and having a passion for performing from the age of 3. He grew up performing and singing with his mother and helping his father host elite parties and events. Today Show is an extremely famous singer and dancer.

None of Show’s success has gone to his head whatsoever. Show is extremely connected to his fans and even stayed at an event once for over 10 hours to make sure every one had the chance to get a photo and his signature. When fans give Show gifts he tells them the best gift they could give him is to give to charity. Yes, he is famous and talented- but he is extremely genuine and caring and this is why he is our main spokesperson for Manhattan Portage.

Just last week, Show hosted a promotional event in Hong Kong promoting our brand and we had to share the awesome video with you! Looks like everyone had a blast.

What do you think? Were you at the event? Maybe you can find yourself in the video! If not, wouldn’t you love to meet Show Luo?



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