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Last week the owner and CEO of Manhattan Portage, Su hwei Lin took a trip to Austin Texas to speak at Austin Achieve Public Schools “Back to School Night” and we wanted to tell you a little about the trip.

Austin Achieve’s mission is to prepare East Austin’s children to attend and excel at the nation’s top colleges and universities. Additionally, they aim to work with other educators and institutions in Austin to raise the level of success for all students.

Austin Achieve wanted to provide their inaugural 6th grade class with backpacks and school supplies so we stepped up to provide the students with Manhattan Portage backpacks so they can go to school in style. The students were very happy and appreciative of their new bags.

Here are some photos of the students with their new bags:

There are so many ways to help others and give back in today’s society. You don’t have to be rich or own your own business to assist. You can do something as simple as helping someone carry their groceries, adopt a pet, cheer up a friend when they are down- the list goes on.

For more information on Austin Achieves and on how you can help click here: Ausin Achieves!

We hope this article has inspired you to do an extra good deed this week!

Much love,


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