New York Tough

Maybe when some people think “New York Tough” you think of a fighter or bully- but this isn’t our kind of tough. Our kind of tough is helping a friend or stranger, pushing through a hard job or college course to achieve your goals, keeping a positive attitude when it seems almost impossible to do so, and trying your best everyday to do whatever it is you do with pride and a positive mindset. Never give up!

Here are some photos that may help you visualize the definition even more:



Day in, day out, New York City moves with the beats of the world, adapting to the various changing lifestyles of its diverse citizenry, taking hits, reshaping itself, and thriving. It withstands the daily grind of millions of people from all walks of life and hundreds of cultures all going about their own thing.

New York City has been through population explosions, the industrial revolution, cultural movements, the many ups and downs of capitalism, and numerous other challenges large and small. Time-and-again, New York City has come through it all stronger and bolder. Some cities are reflections of their former glory. New York City charges forward, wearing the wounds of its past and embracing the future. There is tough and there is New York Tough.

Born in the streets of New York City and inspired by its citizens, all Manhattan Portage products are designed for the rigors of modern life. We’ve used the skills, technical innovations, and our experience over the past three decades to expand and diversify our line of products to meet the challenges of modern life.

Are you New York Tough?



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