55DSL x Manhattan Portage “I’m not just another bag” – Round II.

It was just too good to resist another 55DSL x MANHATTAN PORTAGE collaboration this season, so here we go with round two. The new bag is the result of a marriage between 55DSL’s creativity and the iconic New York brand’s history. Together they stayed true to their origins and looked forward to the future. It’s slick Italian style with cool New Yorker edge.


This limited edition collaboration will only have 1,500 pieces available world-wide, and brings together 55DSL’s Italian inspired design with Manhattan Portage’s urban roots and durability. The New York brand will customize one of their iconic Vintage Messenger model for inclusion in 55DSL’s latest collection. This will tie in with the streetwear label’s Caribbean theme for S/S12 and will be embellished with a decorative sun-bleached stripe. This collaborative bag was designed with the international urbanite and limitless globetrotter in mind.

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