State Law Would Require Bicycle Licenses for All New Yorkers



We understand that the city is broke and all, but making New Yorker’s have to get bike licenses?


I can’t see this going well.


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Born and bred New Yorker. I am as old as our company, and I've been working in Sales and Marketing here for 4 years now. I like video games, wandering around the city, and lamenting changes that are currently happening in the city I have known my whole life.

One thought on “State Law Would Require Bicycle Licenses for All New Yorkers

  1. The advantage of biking in NYC is that it reduces the dependence on public transportation or driving. In theory, this reduces the use of fossil fuels and increases exercise, making Manhattan a healthier and more environmental city. Requiring bicyclists to pay for a license could possibly cause individuals to rely more heavily on public transit again. The city has been focusing more on being pedestrian friendly and there is a possibility that a bike license could negate that.

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