Our Latest Project

Do you have a Manhattan Portage bag that you’ve owned for over 10 years?
We’d love to hear from you!
Be a part of our latest project…

Please drop an email to: jesse@manhattanportage.com

Please include:



Phone Number

How long you’ve had your bag

A brief story on your bag

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About Lauren_Joy

Born and bred New Yorker. I am as old as our company, and I've been working in Sales and Marketing here for 4 years now. I like video games, wandering around the city, and lamenting changes that are currently happening in the city I have known my whole life.

3 thoughts on “Our Latest Project

  1. I have a grey DJ bag that I bought to replace to one my ex-boyfriend fell in love with and took from me when he moved out of our place. If he has such good taste….then why did I break up with him?

  2. Greetings Manhattan Portage,

    I am the proud owner of a Manhattan Portage bag for 10+ years! It’s interesting and strikes a special cord in me that your latest project seeks to hear the feedback of Manhattan Portage bag owners. I fell in-love with Manhattan Portage’s “swagger” (way before the “old-spice” commercials), back in college… The funny thing about my relationship with my Manhattan Portage bags is that since becoming an owner of my first bag, I’ve fallen in-and-out of love with them over the years. Their utilitarian and classic design makes me come back time, and time again. If my bag could talk, the stories it would tell… “Don’t you dare open your mouth Manhattan Portage Bag!” “Just kidding Manhattan Portage Bag, I love you…”


  3. Present bag is 11 years old. I am a Union NYC electrician, who uses your bag as a tool carry. 20 years doing electrical work in NYC , 15 pounds of tools and my lunch always arrive at the jobsite dry and in style. Love my multi function, American made bag!!

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