Manhattan Portage X Mt. Rainier Design Works 60/40

Mt. Rainier Design Works

Mt. Rainier Design Works



Named after the Famous Mt. Rainier Volcano in Washington State, MP has teamed with Mt. Rainier Design Works on a series of bags exclusively made for the Japanese market.Mt. Rainer Design works is a new brand, that does manufacture their quality fabric in the USA.


These bags are made using special 60/40 cotton/nylon blend fabric which features the strengths and qualities of both materials.  This special fabric does breath like cotton, but is stretchable like nylon.  Not only that, but when exposed to moisture, the cotton threads expand to seal the space in between the nylon weave, providing a degree of natural wind and water resistance.

This 60/40 also has a unique reflective appearance and a smooth yet elastic texture.  The dye gradually fades with use, providing a vintage look and unique identity for each and every bag.


Our Big Apple Backpack (1210), Vintage Messenger Small (1605-v), and Vintage Messenger Large (1607-v) were made in Black, Orange, and Green fabric. They are available in Japan at Ripe.

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